Multi-tier support

When it comes to senior care, we appreciate that support is an integral part of the solution. Our unique support platform allows support to come from staff, caregivers and family members as well as a dedicated Breezie concierge team. This support can also include triage to other 3rd party service support thereby offering our customers a hands-off approach to implementation.

Community tools

Designed for non-technical users, the Admin Portal allows administrators to centrally configure Breezie for a large group of users, making large-scale deployments easy to manage and support. Administrators can remotely add content, configure device and app settings as well as wipe or lock a tablet.

Administrators can set notifications to alert them if a resident requires additional support based on and with our analytics and reporting, we help you understand how often residents are using Breezie and which applications are used most.

Close up of Admin Portal

Family Hub

The Family Hub allows family members to help personalize the senior’s tablet experience by managing the content and apps on their Breezie.


“The Family Hub made managing my mother’s Breezie really easy. I was able to add new apps to her Breezie as she became more confident and she’d receive a notification to let her know that I’d added something.”

Breezie concierge

Users can contact Breezie support directly for any help. They can do this straight from their tablet or by calling a toll-free number.


Breezie concierge enquiries by type

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