Breezie tablet interface

Breezie has partnered with Samsung to deliver a compelling user experience that eliminates the complexities of a touch-screen tablet without sacrificing any of its benefits. We understand that each user is unique in terms of motivations and cognitive and physical abilities; that is why we designed the Breezie interface to be easily adjusted to fit each individual user.

Interesting content for seniors


Breezie removes the clutter and confusion. With simplified versions of everyday services such as email or Skype, friends and family don’t need to change how they keep in touch. Breezie helps users unlock the potential in their tablets, quickly accessing the benefits of technology without needing to master the platform.


Breezie avoids a one-size-fits-all approach to technology deployment. The Breezie tablet interface can be fully personalized with content, applications and additional services – even before it’s delivered to a user – creating the perfect first impression and instant gratification.

personalized tablet interface for seniors
Set criteria to meet the needs of seniors


The Breezie system carries out a rigorous system check to customize and configure more than 40 different settings to make a tablet senior-friendly. We also provide carefully selected cases and other accessories to make the overall tablet experience easier and more intuitive.

Easy to Use.

Traditional tablet interfaces weren’t designed for those with aging eyes or dexterity problems, so they can’t fully cater to the needs of a senior user. Our solution enhances the overall accessibility of an off-the-shelf tablet to aid senior users with navigation via notifications, on-screen instructions and contextual tips. The user interface makes on-screen gestures such as swiping and pinch & zoom more accessible to seniors with physical conditions such as arthritis.

Simplified and friendly interface

Comprehensive multi-tier support platform

Our unique support platform allows family members, caregivers or communities to easily and readily support the senior user no matter the distance between them. This ability allows Breezie devices to be optimized on an ongoing basis, personalizing the tablet experience based on an individual’s digital experience and evolving needs.

friends of family can customize the tablet

Caregiver’s Hub.

The Caregiver’s Hub is the online portal for managing content and apps on Breezie, and it can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Caregivers and communities can easily manage and assist the senior user, but can also invite family members and loved ones to participate in the personalization of the Breezie experience for the senior user.

Caregivers and family members can add new contacts, personalize the start screen or even download new applications. The Breezie Hub has a password management feature, which enables the secure transmission of passwords and user credentials between a user and their family or caregivers when required. Access to the Breezie Hub begins before the senior user even starts using Breezie. This way, Breezie arrives fully tailored to a user’s needs and interests.

we know what you is popular for seniors on the internet

Community tools.

We give you the tools to manage Breezie in a community setting. By tracking select data points, our analytics help your staff understand how to use Breezie and measure its success. Communities can centrally configure Breezies for a large group of users, which makes large-scale deployments easy to manage and support. We help you understand how often residents are using Breezie, and which applications are used most, and we also identify where further support is required.

Breezie concierge

Open platform

Breezie is an open tablet-based platform that facilitates the use of popular online services and enables businesses to integrate their own services and content in a senior-friendly digital environment. We aren’t reinventing what already exists, and we don’t expect friends and family to change how they communicate and share things online. Breezie brings seniors into today’s digital conversation by giving them the ability to enjoy the latest technological marvels without the pain of learning to adopt them individually.  We invite partnerships and collaborations with senior living organizations, and can easily help them integrate their own content or services into the Breezie platform.

Save money and deliver better care.

Digital only services enable communities to save money and deliver better care by integrating content such as menus, activity calendars as well as services such as appointment requests, medication reminders.


We curate popular apps, content and services that are relevant to senior users, and Breezie organizes them into meaningful topics and categories for easy selection and personalization.  


We continue to expand the potential within Breezie by partnering with seniorspecific content and service providers. We’re also integrating systems that coordinate care, monitor and promote well-being, and that host e-commerce transactions into our platform.

White labeling.

We’re open to white labeling the Breezie platform for senior living providers, and helping them differentiate their Breezie implementation according to their own unique brand and service characteristics.