carer helping senior use breezie tablet

How Breezie can help you

Save money and deliver better care.

Digital only services enable Independent & Assisted Living providers to save money and deliver better care by integrating their own content and services through a simplified interface. Eg Content such as menus, activity calendars as well as services such as appointment requests, medication reminders.

A complete solution

Breezie is a new service that connects seniors to the Internet, but without all the clutter and confusion. We provide tablets, software, content, training and support. Breezie works on standard Android tablets, is simple to use and works straight out of the box.

Reduces resident dependency

Breezie reduces resident dependency on group activities, and frees up time for care providers to create a better, more personalized service.

Keep relatives in the loop

One of the most frequent complaints made by seniors and relatives about life in a senior living community is poor communication with staff or care providers. Breezie makes it possible to maintain direct contact with seniors and follow up on their care or treatment. This increases accountability as well as resident satisfaction.

A therapeutic tool

Music, art and games have moved into the digital realm, and having access to these types of programs, apps and materials can benefit seniors in many ways.

Motivates carers

Care providers have greater job satisfaction when using Breezie as an activity tool. It makes it easier for providers get to know their care recipients much better, and Breezie creates limitless ideas for activities.

Activity guides

Breezie can be part of a general activity program. Staff, caregivers and activity coordinators have an important role in making an active program of learning successful.  We’ve produced an activity guidebook to help care providers work with residents; it lists lots of practical hints, tips and ideas for activities with Breezie.

Personalized activity program

We can create an activity program specifically for your community by working in tandem with activity coordinators and caregivers to develop plans based on residents interests and needs. Activity coordinators and caregivers play pivotal roles in promoting a Breezie activity program, encouraging seniors and their families to take part, tracking the senior’s progress, and providing feedback.

Train the trainer

We provide specific training in person or via webinar for care providers and staff to ensure they’re able to fluently support residents with a Breezie activity program.

Aids daily life within a community

Easy Internet access for each resident provides activity coordinators with a wealth of resources to tailor activities at an individual level. Also, it provides a way to easily communicate with your residents about things like calendars or menus.

A marketplace differentiator

Breezie provides an innovative solution for an industry facing an increasingly demanding customer base. We offer a value-added service for care providers to differentiate themselves in a fragmented and crowded marketplace. Breezie is also an innovative option to support the successful launch of new developments, and has a positive impact on occupancy rates, resident satisfaction numbers and quality-of-care standards.

Promotes the care provider in the community

Connecting seniors with friends and family via social networks provides a channel for positive stories to be promoted within the community. Our platform also provides an active communication channel between the care provider and residents’ families.

How Breezie can help residents

Improves resident wellbeing

Resident motivation improves and day-to-day activities become more sociable, with increased conversation and interactions.

Combats loneliness

Breezie helps combat loneliness by enabling senior users to keep in touch with family and friends. Fast access to relatives, particularly when grandchildren are involved, is frequently a key part of keeping seniors happy and engaged. Staying in touch with longtime friends is notoriously difficult, even more so when mobility becomes limited and communication became digital. Breezie has the power to remove the technological barriers that prevent seniors from enjoying the social aspects of the Internet.

Increases mental engagement

Engaging activities are vital in helping seniors stay entertained and vibrant. There are millions of apps in the Google App Store that seniors can access to do anything from learning a language and listening to music to completing puzzles or learning new needlework techniques. Using Breezie to access these types of apps can improve dexterity, cognitive skills and memory function.

Promotes individuality

Care providers at senior living communities love to get to know their residents, and Breezie makes that easier than ever. With a full range of personalization options and interest-centered activities and services, making meaningful connections with seniors is a breeze!

Assisted living carer helping senior use Breezie tablet