Create a Complete Solution

Breezie is an innovative, tablet-based solution that enables businesses to save money and deliver better care. Digital only services enable CCAH providers to save money and deliver better care by integrating their own content and services through a simplified interface. Eg Appointment requests, medication reminders.

Breezie’s simple interface facilitates engagement between a provider, their older customers and leading technologies to deliver the financial, social and health benefits now available online. Breezie provides tablets, software, content, training and support. Breezie runs on standard Android tablets, is simple to use and works straight out of the box.

As more and more seniors look to delay their move to a senior living community, CCAH providers are always looking for ways to help them stay at home as long as possible. We work with private-care providers to implement consumer-facing technology solutions that help provide community-level care in the comfort of home.

man enjoying breezie tablet on his own

Living an active life. Breezie helps combat loneliness by allowing senior users to keep in touch with family and friends. It also increases mental engagement by allowing users to follow their hobbies and interests. Especially in a non-community environment, seniors often become separated from friends and family due to the increasingly digital means by which they communicate. Breezie removes the technological barriers, so seniors can join the digital conversation and experience the feeling of community from the comfort of their home.

Breezie support. Breezie offers technical support to users and private care providers, and gives users access to printed help guides and online videos. We also provide two complimentary 30-minute phone-based personal orientation sessions for first-time users.

Family support. Access to the Breezie Hub allows users’ family and caregivers to remotely configure Breezie. Family and caregivers, who know the senior user best, can help further personalize the device at any time, from any distance.

LTE connectivity option. Broadband access isn’t a necessity. Breezie can also operate on LTE-enabled tablets, and we can provide a data package to suit any user’s needs.

Implementation. Every Breezie arrives completely personalized and ready to go straight out of the box.

Trackable. Breezie has a powerful data analysis engine that tracks activity and can provide analytics to help measure resident activity and project success.