Our platform

Breezie is built from the ground up to be a flexible open tablet-based platform that allows our customers and partners to integrate their own, and popular online content and services, to present a holistic, often custom-branded, senior-friendly digital solution for their end users. The platform comes with hundreds of APIs, micro-services and predefined templates that allow our customers to implement at scale for a fraction of the cost of a home grown solution.

APIs for integration

Integrating content, manually or with APIs, such as dining menus, activity calendars as well as services such as appointment requests, medication reminders enables communities to provide digital only services which can increase operational efficiencies and deliver better care.

Integrating third party hardware and commercially available products such as IoT, biometric devices and wearables allows us to deliver smart apartments, remote patient monitoring and innovative home care services.

Predefined templates

Communities can set up predefined templates based on interest profiles, physical/cognitive abilities, care settings (home, IL/AL, Memory care) and evolving conditions (chronic illnesses).

Communities can apply granular settings to these templates in terms of content, device settings, alerts and a host of other features designed to tailor the solution for that specific template.

Curated app store

We can set up custom curated app stores based on a customer’s needs.

Built-in microservices

Breeze’s platform is built on micro-services that offer our partners and customers an easy and scalable way to integrate, update and run services without costly upgrades, enabling faster response times to business needs.

Device management

Breezie offers a powerful combination of both mobile device management and enterprise mobility management by partnering with both Samsung and Google. This gives our customers flexibility on how they deploy Breezie at an enterprise scale – whether it is utilising existing hardware, BYOD or connected and subsidized devices from telcos. Partnering with Samsung Knox gives communities the ability to fully manage devices remotely.

Deep analytics & reporting

Central to driving the highly personalized user experience and outcome based implementations is Breezie’s deep data analytics, rules engines and reporting. This allows our customers the flexibility to build and link reports to relevant ROI models.

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