Breezie Voice Assistant launches at Masonic Homes of Kentucky

Breezie is launching Breezie Voice, our integration with Google Home, to all 270 apartments across two Independent Living communities, at Masonic Homes of Kentucky. Breezie Voice gives senior living communities a voice activated resident portal, residents can ask their Google Home questions such as “What is for lunch?” and “When is yoga?” to deliver information from community content e.g. dining menus, activity calendars.


Residents are also being taught how to do Google searches using Google Home as well as how to get the latest weather forecast and news.  Breezie is also setting up personalized routines for residents based on their preferences.


Breezie Voice builds upon the success of Breezie’s tablet interface by giving residents another easy way to access content through a voice interface. Over 95% of Masonic Homes of of Kentucky residents currently engage with community content on their Breezie tablets e.g. Daily Menu Specials, Calendar, Resident’s Directory. It’s expected that Breezie Voice Assistant will pave the way for fully fledged smart apartments where Breezie users can operate their smart home devices through a simple voice interface.


What is particularly innovative about this initiative is that Breezie Voice extends Google Home’s consumer features to an Enterprise environment.


Breezie named in Top 100 fastest-growing businesses in the UK

We are delighted to announce that we have been named in the Top 100 fastest-growing businesses in the UK in a report announced today by SyndicateRoom. Breezie is number 44 on the list after demonstrating a 9.3 x valuation increase over the three year period 2014-2017.

The report, entitled Top 100: Britain’s Fastest-Growing Businesses uses a methodology by Beauhurst to rank the country’s leading startups by their increase in valuation between 2014 and 2017.

Breezie is in good company with TransferWise topping the list and Deliveroo coming in second. Breezie’s 9.3 x growth rate comes in ahead of companies like RateSetter, Funding Circle and BrewDog. Together, the winning 100 companies span 12 different sectors, employ around 10,200 people and generate £605,945,417 in revenue. London has the vast majority of Top 100 winners with 71 of 100 companies, including Breezie, headquartered in the capital.

Download the report.

Tackling loneliness with technology

International research cited by Public Health England has shown that loneliness can be as harmful to a person’s health as obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Age UK reports that 1.2m older people in the UK are ‘chronically lonely’. Loneliness puts individuals at greater risk of cognitive decline and increased mental health challenges. The associated ill health from loneliness is a significant social problem.

Our recent project with Hampshire Council and PA Consulting has shown success in tackling loneliness in older adults. Breezie can really change people’s lives. Read more.

Building Breezie’s new EMM platform


As we deploy more and more Breezies, configuring and managing the customisations to make them senior friendly was starting to slow us down. We started planning a new way of configuring and managing Breezies that would allow us to deploy and update tablets much faster and with considerably less steps.

The main goals for our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform were:

  1. Simple and automatic Breezie configuration
  2. Remote updates and the ability for organisations to manage thousands of Breezies without having to log in to each tablet
  3. Enable Single Sign On (SSO) to an organisation’s systems for a seamless user experience
  4. Make it easy for Breezie to add our own new features and bring in services from best in class providers

Android Robot

We worked with Google to become an Android EMM Partner which allowed us to take control of any Android device at its setup screen by entering a Breezie email address or AFW code. Google then automatically installs and runs our DPC (Device Policy Controler) app. Our DPC then connects the tablet to our backend and configures it to be a personalized Breezie. This involves replacing the start screen app and applying settings that make the Breezie easy to use. The DPC then automatically installs a set of curated and personal groups of apps and bookmarks configured for the user by their organisation. So when the end user switches the tablet on they are greeted by name with a fully configured Breezie with their email, contacts, content, curated and personal apps.

The end result is we now have the ability to deploy and support thousands of Breezies and connect them to organisations via the Admin Portal and the user’s friends and family via the Family Hub.

Seniors do not want to remember multiple IDs and passwords. A SSO Oauth 2.0 integration automatically logs them into the organisation’s systems without an ID and password needing to be entered.

For more complex integrations we have the Breezie API (Application Program Interface) this allows an organisation’s technical teams to perform operations like adding users and updating medication reminders to Breezies without any human interaction. The system uses HTTPS and REST.

We used the re-design to add significantly better security, scalability, and resilience to our backend systems including a containerised microservices architecture and HIPAA compliance.

An IoT solution to help seniors live happier, healthier lives

Samsung ARTIK Breezie case study

Using Samsung ARTIK as an IoT gateway allows us to extend interface capabilities to a wide range of IoT devices, smart sensors and Bluetooth remote monitoring devices.

Check out this case study from Samsung on our work with them and T-Mobile to deliver an IoT solution to help seniors lead happier, healthier lives.

Read more.

Breezie is announced ‘Best SME Digital Leader’


We’re delighted to announce that we won SME DIGITAL LEADER OF THE YEAR at the DL100 Awards. This follows our winning BEST STARTUP in 2014.

We’d like to thank everyone who voted for Breezie – your support means a lot to us.

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Samsung Internet of Things: Transforming the Future

Breezie CEO Jeh Kazimi and other leading voices discuss the potential and benefits of IoT technology and its path forward to success, from accessibility and aging in place, to smart cities and global transportation.

The panel with Breezie starts from minute 23:00.