Strategic partners

Breezie is an open platform and we work closely with market-leading organizations to utilize existing solutions.


We’ve partnered with Samsung, and as well as utilzing ARTIK and Smart Things in our IoT solutions, Breezie utilizes the Knox SDK system to create a second level of security, control and customization that isn’t present on other devices.


Full device management allows us to remotely administer Breezie.


Through the SDK, we’re able to manage devices remotely, allowing us to add or remove features without inconvenience to the user.


Our partnership allows us to customize the device without voiding any of Samsung’s device warranties, allowing personal devices to be brought into the Breezie environment without concern. We can customize Breezie’s settings, and look and feel, making it easy for seniors to view and handle.

IoT gateway

Using ARTIK as an IoT gateway allows Breezie to extend interface capabilities to a wide range of IoT devices, smart sensors and Bluetooth remote monitoring devices.

Connected devices

Samsung SmartThings gives us access to a wide range of connected devices.


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We became an Android Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) Partner in early 2017 and with this we realised a long-term plan to enable simple and remote implementation of Breezie.


Simple, remote and automatic configuration

As an EMM Partner, we are able to remotely load Breezie onto any Android device via the setup screen by entering a Breezie email address or AFW code.  Google automatically installs and runs our Device Policy Controller app which configures the device into a personalized Breezie.


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Solution partners

We have a growing set of solution partners which organizations can leverage to enable users to access the latest in smart home / IoT technologies, wearables, secure video conferencing, telehealth, data analytics etc

Distribution partners

We have a number of partners globally who we work with to make the Breezie product available in different markets.  These partners bring a wealth of experience to our customers including technology guidance, support and other services.

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