Breezie Voice Assistant launches at Masonic Homes of Kentucky

Breezie is launching Breezie Voice, our integration with Google Home, to all 270 apartments across two Independent Living communities, at Masonic Homes of Kentucky. Breezie Voice gives senior living communities a voice activated resident portal, residents can ask their Google Home questions such as “What is for lunch?” and “When is yoga?” to deliver information from community content e.g. dining menus, activity calendars.


Residents are also being taught how to do Google searches using Google Home as well as how to get the latest weather forecast and news.  Breezie is also setting up personalized routines for residents based on their preferences.


Breezie Voice builds upon the success of Breezie’s tablet interface by giving residents another easy way to access content through a voice interface. Over 95% of Masonic Homes of of Kentucky residents currently engage with community content on their Breezie tablets e.g. Daily Menu Specials, Calendar, Resident’s Directory. It’s expected that Breezie Voice Assistant will pave the way for fully fledged smart apartments where Breezie users can operate their smart home devices through a simple voice interface.


What is particularly innovative about this initiative is that Breezie Voice extends Google Home’s consumer features to an Enterprise environment.