Technology enhances senior care.
For seniors, Breezie enhances technology.

Tablet 2 halves

Breezie tablet interface

End user adoption of technology is crucial for any tech-enabled services strategy. Breezie’s highly personalized approach and simple interface is proven to drive end user engagement irrespective of their technical capabilities.


  • Removes clutter and tech-speak
  • Improves navigation and notifications
  • Tailors itself for the physical requirements of a senior user


  • Fully personalized for each individual user
  • Loaded with content, applications and personal accounts upon arrival

Advanced Usability.

  • Accessible touch-screen interface for senior users.
  • Accounts for limitations in vision and dexterity
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Comprehensive multi-tiered support platform

Our unique support platform allows support to come from family members, caregivers or communities. It’s easy to continuously support the senior user, and personalize their tablet experience based on their evolving needs and increasing digital experience.

Caregiver’s Hub. This is an online portal for caregivers, communities and family. Breezie Hub allows anyone involved to help personalize the senior’s tablet experience by managing the content and apps on their Breezie.

Community tools. Communities can centrally configure Breezie for a large group of users, making large-scale deployments easy to manage and support.

Breezie Concierge. Users can contact Breezie support directly for any help. They can do this straight from their tablet or by calling a toll-free number.

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Breezie Development

Open platform

Breezie is an open, tablet-based platform which allows communities to deliver their own content and services through a simplified interface.

Save money and deliver better care. Digital only services enable communities to save money and deliver better care by integrating content such as menus, activity calendars as well as services such as appointment requests, medication reminders.

Curation. Breezie curates popular apps, content and services relevant to senior users. It then organizes them into meaningful topics and categories for easy selection and personalization.

Partnerships. We’re constantly integrating relevant and innovative third party services that expand the benefits senior users can access.

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“Breezie delivers the social and physical benefits of technology to seniors who need them most.”

Continuing care at home

Continuing Care at Home (CCAH)

As more and more seniors look to delay their move to a senior living community, CCAH providers are always looking for ways to help them stay at home as long as possible. We work with private-care providers to implement consumer-facing technology solutions that help provide community-level care in the comfort of home.

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Independent & Assisted Living Communities

We work with every type of senior living community. From individual communities to large senior living systems, both nonprofit and for-profit, a partnership with Breezie promotes better care, operational efficiencies, increased engagement and greater quality of life for residents. Together, we can give you a competitive edge and help your brand stand out in the marketplace.

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Skilled Nursing, Memory Care & Health Services Centers

In advanced care environments, where users need the most support, Breezie truly shines. We work with providers to deliver an experience that creates mental engagement and social connectedness for seniors who need it most, while facilitating therapies and exercises designed to counteract the progress of mental and physical decline.

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