Breezie Voice Assistant launches at Masonic Communities Kentucky

Breezie Voice, our integration with Google Home, is launching to all 270 apartments across two Independent Living communities, at Masonic Communities Kentucky. Breezie Voice builds on the success of Breezie’s tablet interface by giving residents another easy way to access community content through a voice interface.

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Easterseals launches Breezie into new smart homes

Easterseals has partnered with Breezie to launch fully equiped smart homes for older adults with disabilities at an Easterseals community in California. The Breezie tablets can be used to control a host of smart home tools, including Nest thermostats, lighting, front door locks (it can also open and close the door) and televisions.

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Older adults reporting a sense of wellbeing double from 39% to 83% whilst using Breezie

A recent survey showed that home based users with our London Borough of Barking & Dagenham project reported significant positive benefits after only 3 months. Average device usage increased from 1 hour to 5 hours per day with users reporting better wellbeing, more satisfaction with social interactions, better access to health care information & more digital confidence.

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Baptist Care launches Breezie across their full care continuum

Baptist Care are deploying Breezie across their residential and community care clients. Part of this pilot is in association with the Be Connected programme which aims to get every older Australian online.

Samsung and Breezie partner with Walmart to make Breezie available to individual customers

The solution comes with everything user’s need to get started – the latest 10 inch Samsung tablet, 12-month Breezie service, access to the Family Hub and accessories.

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What is Breezie?

An open platform that enables senior care providers to deliver care and services through a simple and personalized tablet interface.


An open, tablet-based platform that institutions can adapt to fit their own digital strategies and goals.

Multi-tier support

An integrated multi-tier support service that imparts confidence to seniors and makes it easy for care providers.

Tablet Interface

A highly personalized and simple interface that is proven to drive end-user engagement..

Easy implementation

80% reduction in implementation effort and costs for large organizations.

Providers deliver better quality care

Easy, integrated delivery of home care services and remote patient monitoring.

Seniors lead happier lives

Significant increase in social engagement and reduction in loneliness.

Patient engagement

Increase in patient engagement through better medication planning and personalized chronic illness content.

What our users say


say that Breezie helps them communicate with friends and family


say that Breezie helps them pursue their hobbies and interests


say that Breezie helps them feel less lonely or isolated

Subscriptions start from $10 per user per month.

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